Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas in PA! (Part One)

Yup, this a a two parter.  You know I took way too many pictures to fit it all in one post :)  Part one will be Christmas at my mom's house and part two will be Christmas at my dad's house.

 Our little family packed up and headed up to PA for Christmas to spend time with my family and it was great!  I got to see my parents, my sister and step sister, and all four of my grandparents.  And two of my best friends too!  As much as I love living in NC, I definitely do miss my family back "home".

Before we left I snapped Addy's 47 week pics:

As I was packing for PA I heard some noise outside of our bathroom window and I looked out to find this:

It was so warm out the day we left for PA that Mike decided to move Addy's highchair outside and feed her lunch out there.  So sweet :)

We decided to spend the first three days in PA with my mom and the second three with my dad.   And of course, Aunt Tina was there for all of it :)

Getting ready to take the dogs to the park.  Little did we know, the dogs would proceed to find every mud puddle and splash in it, resulting in Tina and I having to give them both baths outside in the 40 degree temperatures.  Not fun for anyone involved....except for maybe Addy, because she could just watch us from the window and laugh.

On Christmas Eve we got all dressed up and headed out to church.... Addy too!:

"I do not want my picture taken."

"I repeat.  I DO NOT want my picture taken!"

"OK fine.  I mean, I do look beautiful and all." (How cute are those little red shoes???)

There's those 2 bottom teeth.  Speaking of which, Addy currently has 6 teeth.  2 on the bottom and 4 on the top.  And when you ask her where her teeth are she points to them! 

The obligatory "baby under the Christmas tree with all of the gifts" picture.  No smiles included.  But never fear, Tina was here!  And she got some really cute ones which you can check out if you click here.

And guess what?  Addy actually kept that headband on throughout the entire church service!  There was so much to look at and distract her, that she must have forgotten her most important mission:  Remove any and all headbands immediately.

Let me tell you.  Tina and I have some pretty amazing husbands.  They whipped together a "feast of seven fishes" for Christmas eve dinner and it was amazing!  And they pulled it all off in record time.  For all of the homemade food they made that night, it literally would've taken me all day to prepare.  And I would have had a nervous breakdown in the process.  But they worked together like a well oiled machine and pulled it off in a mere 3 hours.  While Tina and I sat back and sipped our wine.  That's the life my friends :)  Now that's not to say the boys didn't partake in a "little" bit of eggnog along the way.  But in all seriousness, we were all very impressed with those two!  Here are the chefs at work:

Here's our girls:
These cousins; best friends for life :)

They decided to move into the kitchen since that's where the action is:

Look at what little angels they look like.  That's what a good long romp in the park gets you.  No exercise gets you a wild chaotic mess between these two lovely ladies.  But they do love to play together :)

Mom and Jim

Me and Tina

Addy playing with some of my and Tina's old toys.

So Addy has started doing the sweet thing where she will lay her head down for a minute as if she's going to go to sleep.  Precious :)  (I love this picture because notice that she still has a toy in each hand.  Ha ha!)

Tina and Holly :)

Someday I vow to get a picture of Tina and Addy where Addy is smiling.  She loves her Aunt Tina, I swear!  But she refuses to smile when pictures of them are being taken.

It was a long day and it's time for bed for a certain little girl.  Gotta rest up for the big day tomorrow!  Santa is coming!  I couldn't believe she was actually snuggling (one thing our little Addy is not, is a snuggler), so we snapped a pic.

After Addy went to bed, Tina and I settled in with some wine (yes, again) and watched the greatest Christmas movie of all time:  "It's a Wonderful Life".  The boys went to church with my mom since they missed the earlier service due to their duties in the kitchen :)

As I took that picture of the TV screen I noticed what was nestled in amongst the gifts :)

And we move on to Christmas Day:

Merry first Christmas Addy!  Look at what she is holding.  All of those gifts under the tree and she went for her shoe.

Thought she might try to open some presents, but no luck.  She played a little bit with them, but didn't tear into any wrapping paper this year.

Addy with her stocking and one of her stocking stuffers.

Christmas outfit number one.  Looking a little disheveled with one pant leg up and one down.  And note what is in her hand here.  Yup, her brush from the hospital when she was born.  So far her two favorite things were not Christmas gifts at all.  Shows that it doesn't take much to entertain a child this age :)

Christmas outfit number two.  Look at our skinny little elf :)

"Wait a minute.  Am I wearing a headband?"  (The other thing I love about this picture is the dogs in the background.  Holly is laying down nicely while Daisy is completely fixated on my mom's cat Kayla behind the Christmas tree.  Kayla was my cat, but my allergies got the best of me, so my mom nicely offered to take care of her for me.  It's Claratin every morning and Benadryl every night while I'm around my little kitty.  But I digress.)

Later Christmas morning my grandparents and great uncle came to visit:
Addy adores them, and they adore her :)

This picture I absolutely love:

Merry Christmas everyone!

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  1. Ahh I love that last picture! I need copies of all of these:) Our husbands are the best! So glad I got to be there for Addy's first Christmas:)