Thursday, December 15, 2011

Back to PA Again!

Yup, Addy and I were home for a whopping day and a half before we turned around and headed back to Pennsylvania!  In my defense, I had to come back to take my Pediatric Advanced Life Support class.  They only offer it once a month and you have to sign up about 6 months in advance to claim a spot.  And since my PALS license was about to expire, I had no choice but to come back to NC for the class.  But then, bright and early on Wednesday morning, Addy and I hopped on a plane to Philly to visit Aunt Tina, Uncle Jay, and Holly Heinnickel!

We stopped for breakfast at the Cracker Barrel when we got there Wednesday morning.

Holly got groomed for the occasion, and she looked so beautiful in her red Christmas bow!  She may or may not have started out with 2 bows and manged to remove one somehow ;)

This pic was taken while we were waiting for Jay to get home.  Tina and I were heading to Allentown to run the Lights in the Parkway 5K and Addy was gonna hang back with Uncle Jay.  I took this picture because Holly was so good with Addy, just resting her head there nicely.  But when I first opened this pic I laughed because while we were getting ready I told Tina that she looked like a criminal in her all black running outfit.  So that's what pops out at me when I look at this picture now.  (To Tina's credit, she did put on a colorful fleece over top of her black shirt.)

I didn't take any pictures at the Lights in the Parkway run, but we had a great time!  Mom ran it too, and so did several of Tina's friends.  Afterwards they had hot chocolate and hot cider for us runners.... and cookies too!  We all said we would definitely run that race again.  I thought it would be hard to see in the dark, but your eyes adjusted pretty quickly and it wasn't too hard.  That was the first night race that I ever ran, and I liked it!

And let me just say that Jay did an excellent job with Addy on Wednesday night.  He had to put her to bed and everything!  It was the first time he had ever watched a baby by himself....first time he ever changed a diaper too!  But he knocked it out, no problem.  It was funny, because Jay was telling us about his evening and he mentioned that he held Addy in his recliner for about 20 minutes because "you know, she was holding her hands up to be held."  Tina and I looked at each other like "What?  She never does that for us!"  Nor would she ever tolerate being held in one spot for 20 minutes.  But it's just the magic of Uncle Jay I guess.  She's been mesmerized by him since day one.

The next morning, it was time for Addy's weekly pictures. 

We had some major lighting issues with the first one.  Duh, close the curtains.

How cool is her little outfit???  Always stylin'.

Tina, Addy, and I did some Christmas shopping on Thursday, and Addy was such a trooper.  It's tough shopping all day, but she hung in there.  Probably because we made sure she still got her two naps.  We left after nap number one and got back around 3 for her to take her second nap.  Because anyone who knows Addy knows that she would never nap on the go.  Too much fun stuff that she might miss out on!

On Friday Mom came up to Philly and we walked around downtown Chestnut Hill for awhile and checked out the park down there.

Look at Addy's face it this picture.  She's like, "I don't know about this Aunt Tina.  It might be dangerous."  Come on Addy!  Live it up!

Even with Grandma at the bottom cheering her on, Addy does not look convinced.

Whew!  Safe and sound!

Addy and Grandma :)  (By the way, Addy's coat in this picture was a Christmas gift from Aunt Lauren, and Addy has gotten soooo many compliments on it already!  Thanks Aunt Lauren!)

OK, there were some really horrible shadows for these pictures, but that is Addy at the bottom.

I had to stand in a very specific spot to make a shadow in Addy's face so that she could open her eyes.  Doesn't she just look thrilled to be there.  She's like "You people are crazy.  What are we doing?"

Look at Addy.  Sock in one hand, reaching for Holly with the other.  God forbid she ever keep her socks on!

Later that evening, before we put Addy to bed, we decided to drive by a house that Tina saw with lots of Christmas lights. 
Wow, talk about festive!

Little did we know, we could get out and walk around!

And get our picture taken with Santa!  Addy is still skeptical of the big man in red, but with Mommy holding her she tolerated it.

A little blurry, but you get the idea.  Going there was a cute, fun thing to do with Addy.

Her "I Love Santa" shirt was very appropriate considering that we just got to see him!  The words on the shirt may not necessarily be true yet, but we can pretend ;)

"Mom, this is ridiculous.  I'm not even doing anything right now."

"Here, let me get a picture of you."  (I love how she has a few random strands of hair that cover her ears on both sides!  Some may say she needs a haircut... I say it keeps her ears warm.)

"Fine, I'll throw you one smile for your photos."

Addy loved this little cubby hole in Tina's kitchen.  Tina usually keeps her Kitchen Aid mixer there, but Addy declared it her spot while we visited.

Addy was mesmerized by Tina's tree... and she may or may not have broken that ornament that she has her little fingers on there.  But I'm pretty sure I fixed it.  Shhhh, don't tell Aunt Tina.

The next day, Addy and I headed home to NC so that I could work that night and the next night.  It was a whirlwind trip (as our trips to PA often are), but we had so much fun!  Only a few more weeks until we are back up there again for Christmas!

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  1. Hahahah I didn't know there was a broken ornament involved! Loved having you up here!