Tuesday, June 7, 2011

18 Weeks and a New Camera

Addy's first weekly photos with the new camera! 

Love this one!

Mike got me a Canon Power Shot for my birthday and, in short, I. love. it.  The above pics were taken without reading the manual or changing settings or anything, so I'm sure there is a lot more that I can do with this bad boy to make the quality even better.  But already, it is light years ahead of my old camera.

It is amazing how much better the photo quality is than it is with my old Nikon Cool Pix.  The Nikon is nice and little and is still good for toting around when we go out.  However, now that we have an adorable baby girl that I feel the need to photograph multiple times a day, a better quality camera was a must.  And Mike picked a good one.  I am in love with my new toy! :)

My old camera frustrated me to no end for many reasons.

#1.  The quality of its photos is crap.  I'm serious.  They would look half decent on the tiny camera screen, but once I put them on the computer they were always so grainy.  Grrrr

#2. The delay before the picture is actually taken is not conducive for trying to get good shots of a squirmy little baby.  I would have the perfect little smile and by the time my camera would take the picture it would be gone.  Every time.  Grrrr

#3.  The inability to take multiple photos quickly.  After I would take a pic, it took the camera literally like 5 seconds to process it before it would let me take another one.  Again, not good when trying to get pics of a little one.   Makes the whole process take that much longer.  Grrrr

So, now we have a much happier mommy!  Daddy done good on this one :)  I'm off to play with my new toy!

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