Wednesday, June 22, 2011

20 Weeks and A New Friend

I am a little bit behind on my posting, as our little gal will be 21 weeks tomorrow.  But better late than never!  Here are her 20 week photos:

Love this one :)  (But I'm so disappointed that I didn't think to move so that my shadow wouldn't ruin the picture.  Oh well, lesson learned.)

The cute little dress that she is wearing was a gift from her new friend Jordan.  Jordan is 14 months old (yes, an older man) and is the son of "our Ohio State friends".  In quotes because that is how we always refer to them, ha ha!  They stopped in for a visit on their way to the beach this year and last year, so we are hoping to make it a yearly tradition.  Here are some pics from their visit:

Jordan got a kick out of feeding Daisy....Daisy got a kick out of it too ;)

Our attempt for a photo shoot failed miserably.  14 months is a tough age for that!

"Here Addy.  Let me read you this book."

"Jordan, I've got this.  I learned to read ages ago."

"Ahhhhh, Mom!!  I have no idea how this landed in my lap!"

"On second thought, maybe it's not that bad."

Oh, Addy you have a lot to learn.


  1. Yes Addy, you DO have a lot to learn! No OSU for you.

  2. Addy needs to learn that the right colors for footballs are blue and white!