Saturday, June 25, 2011

21 Weeks

Here we are again.  Weekly photo time.  I feel like the weeks are just flying by, and before I know it it's Thursday again and time for more weekly photos.  I always try to live in the moment with Miss Addy because I know that each and every moment with a baby is fleeting.  Her first year of life is almost halfway over and I feel like I just had her yesterday.  I want to stop time and keep her here in this precious innocent baby phase.  I am so in love with her and I get sad thinking about how quickly she is growing up.

I've been reminded of that a lot lately.  How quickly time flies.  From my sister sending me pics from when Addy was first born saying "Remember when Addy looked like this?", to my friend saying "I feel like it was just yesterday that you told me you were pregnant".  It's so true. 

I had a mini meltdown on Addy's 21 week photo shoot day because she is officially out of 3-6 month clothes.  I had her in one of my favorite outfits of hers and I realized it would be the last time my little baby would ever wear that outfit.  I just wanted to cry.

"It's only clothes", Mike says.

But it's not only clothes.  Our little baby is growing up way too fast for my liking.  Can't I stop time...just for a little while?

So for the first time I took 2 sets of weekly photos.  The first set is in a 6 month outfit, and after she spit up on that one I shoved her in the ole fave.  (Yes, you will soon see that my favorite outfit should have been retired weeks ago, I just couldn't bear to do it.)  Then I realized that I had no pictures of her in that outfit, so I took another set of weekly photos.  I may be slightly crazy, but like I said, I had a mini meltdown.

Here we go:

Yay! An outfit that fits!

Onto the now retired outfit:

This picture really showcases how tight this outfit is. Mike's words fit here: "Did you paint those pants on?" And: "Be careful Addy or you'll split your pants." Ha ha!

Looks like she's doing some kind of dance move here, ha ha! 

Note the wetness on the top of her onesie.  Yup, a mere 10 minutes sans bib results in this.  Which is why our girl lives in a bib.

"OK Mom, I will give you one last smile in this outfit."

It doesn't look quite as skin tight in the pics, but I promise, it was way too small.  The outfit is just so cute.  It says, What's Not to Love?.  And I really like the colors.  Maybe I'm weird, but does anyone else remember having a hard time packing away the outfits that their child grew out of?

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  1. I'm sure that is hard packing away her clothes! Just time to have another baby:)