Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Great Outdoors

Mike and I love taking our dog Daisy on hikes in the woods where we can let her off the leash and run free for awhile.  She's so fast, she literally looks like a deer running through those woods.  She loves it...and she barely ever gets to do it anymore now that we have Addy.  It seems like we are always too busy and Daisy definitely doesn't get the exercise that she used to. 

So, a few days ago we decided to pack up Daisy and the baby and go for a much needed hike through the woods.  It's a great activity for our family because all four of us love to be outside, especially Addy.  If she is ever cranky, all I have to do is bring her outside and she is miraculously contented.  So we met up with our buddies and enjoyed an aftrernoon in the great outdoors.  (That is, until Regina heard the word "tick".  I think her enjoyment of the hike plummeted at that point.)

Here are some pics:

Do you like her hiking hat?

Poor Carley...Why did we not fix her hat? Ha ha!

There she is!

Wanted to get Daisy in this pic too, but she was having none of it.

The Balgowans :)

So that was our big outing!  I can't wait to go again....not sure if Regina would say the same thing ;)  Yup, there are ticks in the woods, and they found one on Roxy to prove it.

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  1. Addy looks like a little sailor! Hmm...why does Addy need a burp cloth on her carrier and Carlie doesn't?? Weird:)