Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mommy Fail Take One... Two....Three

OK, so poor little Adilyn has had a rough week. 

It all started while the OSU crew was visiting.  Hmmm.  Yes, I think I'll blame OSU for the start of all of this.  Anywho, I'm holding Addy as I often do these days: on my hip with one arm.  We're just hanging out until all of the sudden she decided to throw herself backwards!  In my attempt to save my child from flinging herself out of my arms completely, I went to grab her with my other hand and one of my long nails gauged her arm.  And this was no little scrape.  There was blood....and an ear piercing scream.  There is nothing worse than hearing your child scream in pain and knowing that you caused it :(  Words cannot describe how awful I felt.  But with my snuggles she quickly got over it.  I must say that she got over it a lot faster than her mommy did.   My nails are now cut to the quick, I assure you.  Mommy Fail #1.

Later that weekend I placed her in her small swing up in our bedroom while I got ready for church.  I didn't buckle her in.  Mistake.  She would always just sit there and watch me get ready, so I didn't bother.  On this particular day she decided to spice things up a little propelling herself out of the swing.  Yup, before I knew it she had face planted into the carpet.  And again with the crying.  I raced over and scooped her up and she stopped crying immediately, so I knew she just scared herself.  She was not hurt, thank goodness.  That swing is so low that it's essentially on the floor, so it could've been much worse.  Nonetheless, Mommy Fail #2.

So now we are ready for church....
Just chillin'.  It's been a rough morning.

Yup, I went a little crazy on Etzy buying her headbands.  They are not all as big and obnoxious as this one, I promise.

Little lady

"Mom, are we going or what?"  Oh Addy, little did you know, Mommy Fail #3 is on its way.

So I placed her in her car seat and she started crying and scrunching herself all around.  I didn't think much of this because she often cries when we put her in her car seat.  She does not like getting buckled in.  So I proceeded to buckle her and she proceeded with her crying and scrunching.  A few minutes later she stopped, and she was a complete angel at church.  No crying at all!  So we get home and I take her out of the car seat to discover a random new scratch on her arm (separate from the one I gave her, mind you).  Hmmm.  Didn't know where that came from.  We continued on with our day and as I was taking the blanket out of her car seat later that day I came across and large splinter of wood in her car seat.  More like a shard of wood.  Sharp as heck.  How ON EARTH did that get in there?????  Mystery solved on the phantom arm scratch.  Mommy Fail #3.

What a rough weekend for little Addy Marie.  I felt like the worst mom ever.  But I learned several lessons. 

Hold her tightly and always expect the unexpected. 

The straps on seats, swings, and other baby paraphernalia are there for a reason.  Use them. 

Investigate the situation if your child appears to be bawling for no reason. 

Moral of the story: Stop endangering your child.  Sigh.

Unfortunately the story does not stop here.  Daddy decided to get in on the fun.  Double sigh.  More on that later.

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  1. Aw you're a great mom, things are going to happen with kids! You're just learning lessons early on:)