Sunday, June 26, 2011

Play Date Number Two

Remember how it looked like Carley was just not feeling the photo shoot last time?  Well, this time the roles were reversed....

Daisy is always very excited about photo shoots ;)

Carley is content as can be.  Addy is still OK at this point.  Don't you love how they are both in yellow outfits?  We didn't plan it or anything.  Yup, these are the things that excite me these days.

Addy is starting to get fed up.  I love how she is holding onto Carley's seat the whole time :)

And now she is over it completely. 
"Help me Carley!"
"Just sit still Addy, and let's get this over with."

There you have it; play date number 2.  That was actually two weeks ago.  This past week I didn't get any pics of them because they both took nice long naps at separate times (yes, I was lucky) and so they didn't really see each other. 

Next up, a little family photo shoot.  Nowhere near the quality of my sis, but I tried, and I got some cute ones!

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